To DW and all newcomers

Hey Bro,

First of all you have ben down before...losing your check and all is the pits, but you will recover again. It is times like these that make us say "GOD I REALLY WANT TO STOP GAMBLING! I am very new to this too. I have successfully stopped on line gambling with the help of GAMBLOCK.COM This is a program that will stop you from gambling on line from your home computer. Its just a bandaid, but it helpd me so far. I have been clean for 15 days. Its a start. Keep coming here and reading the posts. There are some very intelligent people who have great advice. I also like to stop here to remind myself I am not alone in this struggle.

Feel free to e-mail me personally if you like. Welcome back to the struggle!

Scotty, Saturday February 19, 2005
07:21 PM EST