It's OK to watch the game

Hey Scottie, Dont deny yourself the pleasure of watching the game.. I never watch football, but I do enjoy the superbowl every year.. I really like to see the commercials and halftime show.. LOL

Dont deny yourself the pleasure, but if you bet on it, you will have lost totally.. you will have lost the pleasure of watching just because it is fun! And you will have lost your gamble free days and you will lose your money.. if not this time, then the next and the next and well, enjoy the game! Hugs Audrey

Wednesday February 02, 2005
08:17 PM EST


Hi all,

Just decided to watch the game but no bets. The Gamblock ensures that. Now I am enjoying the pleasure of the game with no threat of betting. Shagadelic baby!



Stay strong - it's what you're all about!