Had a good weekend

Hello folks, what a big weekend it has been.I have been reading so much on here lately I am getting a bit lost in all the philosophical stuff. Of course I am not saying it is not all valid, just heavy to read one after the other.

I am a big believer in a bit of humour and to infuse that in my life and the way I am. A natural high you might call it, smoked often(funny in a family of addicts of one kind or another I am the only one who has never smoked, the rest are 2 pack a dayers and I'll be the one getting the cancer I reckon...haha)

Congrats on the new appointments to the board, and a clap from me for all the comments where folks are speaking up and standing up for what they say and do.

I cannot see any reason for apologies on here yet I do. Don't say sorry for who you were or became we are among equals here...

Cheers for now and take care

Rob, Monday February 28, 2005
02:10 AM EST


Hi Rob,

Ya wanna know what is funny? I have really been enjoying all the banter. I find myself smiling a lot and even laughing out loud while I'm doing it. Sick huh? hahahahahaha
I agree with you about humor. Man...if we can't laugh at ourselves we would all be crying. I hope we are not getting to heavy.
thanks on the Congrats
A natural high Cheers to you too Rob



You signed off... Terri....smokin
That was really, really irresponible of you! I am shocked that you would say such a thing as....smokin
It upset me so much that I went a lit up a CIGARETTE... and started smokin again.


Well... you did say a little humor is good heheehehe!

Smokin Rav