How to feel good about yourself

It feels good to have a plan. I planned my day out last night. What I would do when I woke up. What I needed to get done before the day was out. It feels great to live with a purpose.

Stop with the thinking and procrastination. Have goals and go after them, each day of our lives.

Honesty, Tuesday January 25, 2005
05:58 PM EST


I totally agree. One of the great things we can do now that gambling isnt controlling our every thought. reaching new goals..feeling good about myself.. Smile



I agree with you Honesty, I kept myself busy on my days off from work and it felt really good to do something other than gambling. I did some cleaning that has needed to be done for a long time now and I am so happy with myself. Anyway keeping busy is a key word here. BUSY,BUSY,BUSY.....


ts funny that you mention procrastination....that is a huge downfall of mine....but you are right a little planning goes along gives us control of the tasks that we have to finish