Fight boredom

I was just reading through these and it seems a lot of people will gamble stating they are bored. One thing which I do that helps is to work out. The afterglow of working out is better then any other high! ANd it may seem stupid by my addictive personality has not started getting into puzzles. I just get easy ones (like 500 pieces) at the drug store and it really helps keep my mind busy. I am home alone in the evenings and the puzzles really help pass the time away. THis may be stupid advice. Just trying to pass on any bit of help, I guess.

Christine, Monday January 10, 2005
12:17 PM EST


Actually sounds like a good idea. I packed my gym bag this morning and if the rains let up I will go at lunch time.

Thanks for the advice.



I encourage you to go to the gym. Exercise is the best medicine.

The health rewards of exercise extend far beyond its benefits for specific diseases. Exercise reduces blood clotting, enhances self-image, elevates mood, reduces stress, improves appearance, increases energy, gives the feeling of well-being (probably by stimulating endorphins). It reinforces other positive life-style changes, such as healthier eating habits and smoking cessation (2). It also stimulates creative thinking (4).

Benefits of regular exercise

* Reduces your risk of heart disease, high blood pressure, osteoporosis, diabetes and obesity
* Keeps joints, tendons and ligaments flexible so it's easier to move around
* Reduces some of the effects of aging
* Contributes to your mental well-being and helps treat depression
* Helps relieve stress and anxiety
* Increases your energy and endurance
* Helps you sleep better
* Helps you maintain a normal weight by increasing your metabolism (the rate you burn calories)



I think that you are right fill your time with other things. I have just quit smoking, in fact it was the same day I joined this site. I joined a site associated with The American Cancer Society. Anyway I really enjoyed smoking while gambling and when not smoking the gambling is not so much fun. I also am physically out of shape so the not smoking is so I will be able to excercise longer. I am trying to find things to fill my day and excercising is one of them. Determined to find other things to do. My house is in need of a thourough cleaning. So onward and upward, have not gambled in 6 days and that feels good.




Your suggestion for working out is the best advice you can give anyone. Yes, like you said, the afterglow after a work out is better than any other high.

Thank-you for sharing that with everyone.