Christmas and Money

Hello everyone, I just wanted to share some thoughts at this time of year…

Being a poker machine addict at this time of year often creates pressures that add to already heavy enough loads on our shoulders and I wanted to offload some of mine.

This insidious disease has no morals or timeline but we do. This year I have presents under the tree for my kids. I have gifts for family members at primary school that will be surprised to receive a gift from me. This is with 2 weeks to spare too!

The thing is it has not always been like this. A compulsive gambler does not save money, therefore does not plan ahead like most people. We have one thing in mind only and that is paramount. Getting money to replace the money we are going to lose tomorrow(today, yesterday etc) Good intentions don’t fit inside the legal paper shredder called the note acceptor on a pokie, so they get us nowhere. In the past, I have allowed 12 months of income to pass my hands (and the entire turnover on pokies, etc) without actually PURCHASING presents (or anything else at times)

To see little children trying to figure out why “Santa seemed to of missed our house” is something I am determined will never happen again in my house. I see eager happy, smiling, excited kids all over town counting down the days to Christmas Eve. How is it they end up disappointed?

This disease, this government have a lot to answer for, because No sane or Normal person does that to their loved ones. I have not gambled for many many months now but oh so easily could it all go down hill.

To all those suffering from addiction out there. Some people do understand, just for the next few weeks please reward yourselves by NOT blowing money for Christmas. That’s all



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Sunday December 12, 2004
05:27 AM EST


Thank-you for sharing that with us.

Merry Christmas!



Thats OK,I wish I could extend my hand out there right now and pluck all the addicts in just on club(casino) in my area and save them and their family heartache this Christmas. The crap thing is we, I we all know they are there.They will always be there, younger and younger as time goes on.

I wish