Advertising gambling on this site?

Why do you allow pro-gambling ads/links on this site?
I see two on the main page advertising how to win and how to get free books to gamble? Do you realize they are there? I am in the process of starting up a new group and was going to put a link to your site, on my group..but I am very hesitant to do that now. I might even leave this forum.. it is contridictory and hypocritical to have pro gambling ads on a support group for those who are trying to stop and recover.. Im really confused here.. can someone please advise.. (our old site)
bottom right side of page.

Audrey. Monday January 17, 2005
02:26 AM EST


  Hello lilaud,

Google chooses the ads. Once in awhile there are gambling ads that do not get filtered. It's something beyond our control. We apologize.

Best wishes.


I have added a link to you site, so when my group opens, I can keep coming back! Hugs, Aud