help, please

I'm sick... I can't take it anymore & I want back into recovery.

Mik7246. Sunday January 30, 2005
05:21 PM EST


Hello Mik, well done, it is pretty gutzy getting on here and saying those words isnt it? Maybe even a tiny bit of relief too.Help is available and so is plenty of support.Both here and all over the place.

Without knowing anything about you I would say you are feeling shattered, scared about being discovered, you have lost all ways to get money secretly and everything around you is suffering... It is a crappy life but one that I and many many others have lived and understand.

The best thing for now is please jump off the merry go round, for now...Things will seem much much clearer when you stop. The world cannot be fixed in a day, neither can your problems but by stopping today you will not ADD to them.

You must be feeling a million things right now but you have come to a safe place where you will not be judged, just accepted as one of us, who was sucked into this illness of compulsive addictive gambling.

They worry about smoking, this disease is much worse for the community. I have never heard of someone spending a whole pay packet on smokes...

Please let it all out here, privately to any of us just let it all out

Take care for today, just today



Welcome back to the recovering world Mik! take it one day at a time.. you know the drill.. its better to be here than there.. anyday.. God bless you. Hugs lilaud