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The new site is sleek.  I was only a little bothered that my data said I had only been free of gambling for two minutes (after I re-registered).  The truth is so has been almost 4 solid months.  It feels wonderful, but I caution myself (and my friends out there). 

I quit for a solid five months about three years ago.  Since I know I am still so weak...this time I won't make the same mistake.  The longer I get into my recovery, the more I notice how tempting it is to start betting on sports. 

I'll read some of the horror stories on this site to keep me on the straight and narrow.  I also want to tell you all how much better I am financially.  Four months ago we had no savings, we owed over $30,000 in credit cards and loans, I drove an expensive BMW I owed a lot on etc...I make good money, but gambling was killing my finances.  On June 1st I stopped gambling.  Now we have one car note for $188 a month (got rid of the BMW and bought a Jeep).  I took some equity out of my house and paid all more credit cards.  I started making extra payments on my house and started an emergency cash fund.  I started putting 22% of my income into a long term retirement fund.  Finally, I also started building our dream house in central america.  These actions all began AFTER 1 June and I feel truly blessed, free and at peace.

I may be bragging a bit, but I want you all to know life can be BETTER without gambling.  Like I said, I'm still weak, but this time I am AWARE of my weakness.


Oahu, Hawaii

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Changing your last gambled date

Good Afternoon Scotty,

Thank-you for the feedback about the site. You can change your last gambled date by logging on to your account, clicking on My Account on the right-hand menu. Then clicking on the "About Myself" option on the tabbed menu. You should be able to change your personal information there.

There were advantages and disadvantages to using the new platform.

One MAJOR disadvantage was that we lost our search engine rankings when we migrated to the new platform. Basically, we're barely noticed by the search engines anymore. Thus, the reason for the lack of activity for the site. We're hoping this will change 3-4 months in the future when the search engines re-index their databases.

The one major advantage is that the site is now powered by a very solid and flexible core which can theoretically accommodate unlimited growth. It's easier to organize information with the new platform.

Have a good 24 hours.

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Thanks -- love the site.  I

Thanks -- love the site.  I think it does a lot of good.