Fantasy Football Opinions

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I had an urge today to sign up for fantasy football. I actually went to the site and then thought...this could be the one little slip that fuels the fire into real life sportsbetting. I didn't do it...what do you all think of the danger of these games and the chances of them leading to real gambling? I have four months as a ex-gambler and I'm not willing to risk it by starting fantasy football.


I would avoid fantasy football.


You shouldn't join fantasy footbal. It could act as a trigger.

What would be the benefit? You might get some enjoyment out of it. What are constructive ways to get enjoyment?

What would be the cost? It might led to relapse and the symptoms that accompany it. Feeling bad about yourself, questioning yourself, guilt, second guessing...[add to list]

Just my two cents. Someone else might give you better suggestions.

Talk to you later.




you know better than that

I think we are our best judge...if you even have to know the answer.....stay strong you're in control!!

Stacey.....still here...

Scotty that first year of

Scotty that first year of football and no betting is tough.  I'm not really a sports better but I did the office sports pool every year and I won the year before I quit so they weren't happy that I wasn't playing anymore.  I didn't think it was really gambling for me, but it was and I couldn't do it.  Now I rarely watch football, it's just not the same without betting.  laughing.  Life is much better without betting though.

Three years six months and 23 days without a bet

I have to agree with Denise,

I have to agree with Denise, Bach and Stacey and my answer to your question is NO.  NO, DON'T even go there, NO, DON'T even risk it, NO, DON'T take any chances.

I'm not a sports better but, I do know what type of thinking has got me back in trouble time and time again, YES, you've guessed it, EXACTLY THIS type of thinking!!!

You've come too far Scotty and done so well, you know the answer, DON'T give it up for anything!

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Wow -- Thanks for the guidance!

Hey Ann, Bach, Denise Stacy and all,

You are right -- I'm not going to go into fantasy football.  It is more fun for me to watch a game now without the STRESS of the bet.  However, I don't watch anywhere near as much football.  I just watch my old hometown team (Cincinnati) and it feels like it did many years ago -- just a game...great if we win and oh well if we lose.

Thanks Everyone!


Denise -- Congrats on over 3 years!!!  What a great accomplishment.  Keep checking newbees need a pro like you!


We sure let you have our

We sure let you have our opinion loud and clear Scotty.  LOL

It seems so strange to me that we used our gambling to relax and in turn became all stressed out.  Like you said, the game is much easier without the added stress of wanting/needing to win.  I always shake my head to think I went to the casino to relax and then came home a nervous wreck.

Life is so much less stressful without gambling, I hope I will always remember that. 

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Thanks Ann


I really don't just shows you all give a damn.  Thanks again!