Checking In

Just checking in to say I'm still here and still gamble-free. :) Just a little over another day and I'll be at one week. I will not gamble tomorrow.

I've had strange moods this past week and have been incredibly tired. Anyone else here notice if they've been tired when quitting gambling in the beginning. I'm beginning to wonder if it's associated. I think Stacey mentioned that sluggishness didn't last beyond a couple of weeks, I hope so.

Onwards to a new day, hoping that everyone else is doing well.


Hey Ann..whats the longest you have gone?

Stacey.....still here...

Checking In

Hi Ann and Stacey,

I'm checking in and happy to say I haven't gambled.  I had a hard time last night though, my Mom had called me and she went to the Casino with a retired friend.  My Mom might go three times a year and she only spends a small amount of time and money.  Anyway she told me all about her trip and what she played and that she had came home winning $4.00.  It didn't bother me that much hearing her talk about playing Black Jack or playing Machines.  It bothered me because she has no clue about me, and there is no way I would ever tell her.  She would be so hurt and worried, she is 68 and has had alot of health problems lately.  I just felt bad because we have always been so close and it feels like I'm living a lie.  I also felt bad because before I had this problem I use to go with her once a year and could play responsibly and I know that those days are over.  I can't pretend that I will be able to play that way again.  Ann and Stacey I'm glad to hear you are both doing so well.  Tomorrow is the two week mark for me!


To you sexy

To you sexy ladies

Congratulations on your days away from gambling. I have found that the days add up quick when I work at recovery. I've been clean since April 11, 2006. It's a good feeling, a sense of accomplishment. Let's go for 80 years!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Whoooooaaaaaaaaaaaaa!


Talk to you later.


Hello Bach, Stacey, Karen

Hello Bach, Stacey, Karen and anyone else who reads this,

Bach that is fantastic, you're just about 5 months clean!  Now how terrific is that!!

Stacey, I think the longest I've gone without gambling is about 3 months.  I started about 3 years ago and am hoping that this time I will not ever go back to it.  I've always been so responsible and level headed, I cannot believe how I've just thrown my money away like that.

Karen, your words are close to my heart.  I think what hurts me the most about my addiction is the part of not being totally honest with the people that I love, my mom also being one of them.  These are the people I share everything with and yet I can't share this addiction with them for fear of hurting or losing them.  In my mother's case, I would hurt her too badly and she would worry herself to death. 

On the bright side, I can't change the past but I sure can do something about the present.  Again, I didn't gamble today, I have no plans on gambling tomorrow and lookie, lookie, not long after midnight I'll be one week quit!  :)

We are awesome, here's to another day!!  :)

Congratulations Bach

Hi All,

Bach, I didn't catch your blog earlier.  That is great that it had been five months for you.  You know you really helped me when I first found this site.  I knew that I needed to quit playing the slot machines, I had never liked them before I had developed a problem.  Black Jack was my game of choice and my big plan before finding this site.....  I was going to quit playing the slots and save enough money to have a nice bank roll and teach myself to count cards to get the advantage in Black Jack.   Then I would win all my money back and more !!!  Not a good plan after all.....  Reading your messages I now know that isn't a good idea. 


It is so funny how much we all sound alike.  That is part of my shame too, that I am looked at as being a level headed responsible person.  If I can't understand how I could throw money away like this, how would others?

Your right though, we need to take it one day at a time.  Tomorrow I will not gamble!

Thanks everyone for your support!

I think we'd be surprised

At the level of understanding we'd find if we did admit to our families..and in a way we'd be admitting that we're only human, my biggest husband.. I'm always complaining he doesnt make enough money...ha.. what a joke...if he knew i blew the money on gambling...he'd be like AND ALL THIS TIME YOU WERE YELLING AT ME??? i guess in a way i just wanted someone to bail me out...."well if you made enough money I wouldnt have to go gambling to make some"  real load of crap!!  im ashamed that i did that to him....

Stacey.....still here...