normal for a night..

Long time ago i read several books called "conversations with God" great if you want to pick them up .. its about a man who searches for answers..and god speaks w/him in a direct he nuts? some say .. but if you read it, it helps you understand life a bit better..

in the book it stresses that the answers you seek are spoke to you through others...god chooses a vessel..sometimes its just you overhearing a conversation on the train or whatever...but god is speaking to you...

so .. saturday night..i get there...BIG PRODUCTION .. crap tables. blackjack tables, texas holdem tournament..etc....i meet a couple when i get there...not sure why theyre deciding to talk to me.. but she starts to tell me about how her hubby can lose alot in vegas/ac and then grab her and say if you give me 5.00 i can will it all i laugh and say hey it's possible...penny slots/nickel machines...we all have taken 20.00 and turned it into 100's.....even i hear them and the way they talk about how pathetic gambling i feel secure now...

i walk over to the texas holdem table and observe the game and a man i never met before grabs my arm/elbow and pulls me into the seat next to him.. NO JOKE..i didnt know what to do....i am nuts to play? cant i be normal for a night?

well im not going to lie.. i played with FAKE MONEY.....and i had fun...and there were no triggers or pathetic attempts to play w/real money or go home and get the computer up and play my slots...

i was normal...just for one night....and i won....two tournaments...ha...if its ok with everyone...i want to keep my count at 40 plus days....

im so happy .... im so happy i could do it and be calm and sick feeling in the panic to go get a fix...

just normal for a night..

StaceyP!! I completely


I completely identify with what you wrote about the answers you seek come through in other people. Just from a different perspective. For me, the answers I seek do come from others but I interpret it as the environment giving me feedback. Or that we're very similar and have common problems.

Whatever makes you strong, believe in it.

Talk to you later.


Stacey, I also have


I also have experiences where something happens and it puts perspective on something else for me.  There are also times where things or events are confusing for me and again someone will say something and an answer will come to my mind.  Sometimes, I actually solve things in my sleep or I think of the answer while I'm lying in bed.  I too believe that God or our higher power is speaking to us through events or other's voices. 

Whatever the case may be, I try to keep an open mind and listen to the message that clearly comes through to me.  If we search deep inside our mind and our hearts, I believe the answer lies within.

I'm going through some rough stuff tonight and of course this would have been a time that I slipped myself away to the casino.  I'm not going to go although I've thought about it a few times today.  This is one of those things where I'm hoping a good night's sleep and a fresh perspective will change things.

Stacey, I'm glad you had fun on Saturday night, just be very careful, this addiction is very sneaky.  I know we could all use some fun, relaxation and smiles in our lives.  Let's just all of us do this wisely.    

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If you have a problem with

If you have a problem with gambling, then gambling isn't normal.  I sometimes get invited to play a guys night of poker...I do it, but I think it is taking a risk.  Just my opinion.


Hello Scotty, Stacey, Karen,

Hello Scotty, Stacey, Karen, Bach and anyone else reading this.

Welcome back Scotty, long time no hear or read, glad you're back!  I was wondering when you slipped and if we could all start the contest that Bach mentioned together now?  I must be feeling a wee bit competitive or optimistic since I gained 2 weeks very early this morning.  I have a very long way to go but already I can start to see the benefits.

Scotty, good for you for brushing yourself off, thanks for telling us and best of luck.  God knows, we've all been through it.

Take care and onwards to week three for me.....