How's everyone doing?

I've been lurking for awhile and thought I'd drop in to see how everyone is doing. Hope everyone had a nice Holiday and things are going well.

How's everyone been?

good to hear from you

good to hear from you too,i,m now getting stronger in simply saying that gambling is not a option for me in 2007,i tried to limit,control my gambling, and only got myself in deeper,as nancy ragan said,just say no ...any type of gambling only leads to misery for me,so much tension for so much money lost .keep strong peoples,,,challis

How's Everyone Doing?

Hi Bach and Challis,

I was glad to see your Post Bach.  I know you were having a tough time around the Holiday's.  There were quite a few of us who were....  Anyway, I am doing well.  My last day that I gambled was Dec 16th.  I have been visiting the Safe Harbor sit as well quite often.  I have been very busy with work.  When I don't check in daily and read blogs I can tell a difference.  I have more urges and my mind plays tricks on me.  We really just need to take things one day at a time.  I do feel stronger though, the longer I go without it.


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Hi gang

I'm still here and doing OK.  Almost slipped thinking about the @#$%^&* Superbowl.  I am most suspetible to mass marleting I guess!  Well, this is THE LONGEST I have ever gone gambling free.  -- almost 7 months.  I think it is good to project new goals no matter where you are.  I am going to now set my sights on 9 June -- my birthday.  that will put me at over a year!

On another note, I just read Eric Clapton's bio.  Wow, that guy has had a very rough time (poor little rock star).  However, he is clean and sober for many years and has a rehab center in Antigua.   BTW:  I'll be seeing him in concert in March -- it is nice to have $$$ to spend on fun things like seeing EC in concert!!

All the best,


5 mths tommorow...

Those guys are still playing poker across the hall from me...but I'm sticking to my guns...I get urges only when i drink to boot up the old computer...but then the memories flood me bk into reality....i realized there cant just be one reason to quit, well for me anyway...i need a web of forces to control me.....if you only have one can be easily dismantled by thought.....

so i have a list of reasons to block me out... like my own private mantra....

Stacey.....still here...