Did we make it by the Superbowl??

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How did everyone do NOT BETTING on the superbowl? It is such a hype you know? I know I was really fighting the urge and this after more than 7 months! The commercials were great and how nice not to be so consumed with a BET that I didn't get to enjoy them. I especially liked the mouse commercial. :) How is everyone out there...anyone still there?



I agree the mouse commercial

I agree the mouse commercial was the best; I didn't have any problems not making a bet and have gotten over that a while ago on the football bets.  Glad to hear that it wasn't an issue for you.

 Denise C  3 years 10 months and 29 days without a bet

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You are awesome Denise!  Almost 4 years!  You should volunteer as a counselor with GA or someplace like that.  I will be glad to say I am 1 year away from it and it has made such a great difference in my life.  My concentration and focus is now on more constructive goals.  I finished one masters program and am starting on another in the summer...education will give me far more dollars than gambling ever did.

Denise -- keep being there for people to look up to...you are proof that this horrible habit can be licked.


Scotty, I do run a new


I do run a new comers meeting, not quite a counselor but through sharing my experiences it sometimes helps others on their path.  I know there were many people that helped me and still do help me in my recovery.  It's just paying it forward my friend.  I'm very happy for you that your life is changing for the better; there are so many gifts in recovery.

Denise 3 years 10 months and 30 days without a bet

Super Bowl

Hi Scotty and Denise,

I made it through the Super Bowl.  I did have a slip the end of January.  But even though it was devastating, it was the slip that finally made me realize I couldn't do it alone.  I turned to my Sister and told her all about my addiction.  She has taken over my finances temporarily, and is helping me help myself.  I've attended 2 GA Meetings, something I was really reluctant to do because I thought I might know someone.  I also am going for a consultation with a Counselor for Gambling Addiction.  The 27th was the last day I placed a bet.  I am going to keep attending the meetings and work on my recovery.  I finally feel like I'm headed in the right direction.  The two of you are doing so well, you give me inspiration!


Good for you Karen.  Just

Good for you Karen.  Just take things one day at a time.