How's everyone doing?


It's been a rough week and month for me. I'll have to start over again. More dtermined this time. Setting higher goals, being more determined and patient.

Hope everyone's doing well.

doing good

End of Feb was 6 months internet free.....I feel better every morning..

One night I actually thought about doing it....but scared myself straght.

One thing I can guarantee to those who peace....the morning is a wonderful time of day now....take care..

Stacey.....still here...

Doing well too

Hi Stacey and Bach,

Hang in there Bach just take one day at a time.  Stacey that is great that your going on 6 Months.  I'm doing well January 27th was my LDG.  I am attending GA meetings and I will be starting a 16 week program for Problem Gamblers through the State next week.  It's three times a week for 16 weeks, two group meetings and on individual counseling meeting. I am really not looking forward to going.  It's like I feel I don't belong, but I know deep down that I do need to be going.  I would like to figure out why I did what I did, and really understand it. I just feel frustrated like three times a week!  That seems like so much time, I work full time and I'm a single Mom.  But I had time to gamble it was usually really late at night. Well, I know I don't sound like I'm doing very well but I am.  I'm just frustrated that I let myself get into this situation in the first place.

Take care, Karen


Karen - so very proud of you...its ok to think you dont belong there, I dont think so either..but I know so....i wonder if me just NOT gambling on line is really my cure...I still have the rest of my life to get through w/o crumbling owe it to yourself to do least get some clarity to your mind...thats a start....good luck .. god speed...

Stacey.....still here...

  Clean since August 31,


Clean since August 31, 2006. Congrats, Stacey! Keep up the good work!

Hello Bach, Stacey,

Hello Bach, Stacey, Karen,

I'm still around and still working on my recovery.  I had been clean since Jan 21st I think and then relapsed on the 3rd of this month.  It's not been the easiest thing to do but I'm not planning on giving up anytime soon!

Bach, hang in there, with every time we relapse we learn a valuable lesson that will help us for the next time.  Don't give up, get support and work on your triggers and thought processes.  Get to know yourself.

Stacey, I am sooooo darn proud of you, I am bursting with it, pride I mean!!!  It will be 7 months for you soon, you give me so much inspiration girl, I can't even begin to tell you!

Karen, I am soooo very proud of you too!  All that time is not wasted, it's going towards a very good cause.  After all, look at your alternative choices.  Not as nice are they!

Hang in there everyone, remember there is hope and it can get so much better.


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Hey gang

Aloha Everyone,

Its been awhile since I checked in, sorry...been travelling all over on my job.  Clean since 30 May 2006!  This is my longest streak...I feel good.  Just got accepted to start another masters program...things are looking bright now.  Not bragging...just want to say LIFE IS SWEET WITHOUT GAMBLING.  Just have to maintain now...

All the best,