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I read through some of the old posts and there is a lot of useful information. I wonder where some the people who wrote those posts have gone?

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Hi Bach

Hi Bach,


I haven't seen a lot of activity here, but now there seems to be several new stories worth reading.  Get this -- I am just a couple days shy of 1 YEAR gambling free.  I faced a big test recebtly -- I was in Biloxi last month and cruised right by the Beau Rivage casino.  I didn't even flinch...I know it would be over if I stepped in there.  I can't do it. 


Today I watched some of the baseball scores roll by on ESPN.  I am so glad my financial future isn't tied up in those scores.  I can remember blowing entire weekends of time sweating out those games.


I come back to this site to remind myself how far I have come.  Maybe this post can help somebody else who found themselves down and out like I was just a year ago.  folks -- it is sweet being gambling free.  It is a new life.


Hang in there everyone!



One year is an accomplishment

That's good to hear, Scotty. One year without gambling is a long time. I hope to join you someday, but I keep having these relapses after a few months.


Keep it up. Someday I'll report to you that I've got a few years under my belt. 

There is a lot of information

Scott and Bach,

1 year great Scott.  Bach I too struggle with going 6 weeks to 2 months and relapsing.  But, atleast when that happened in the past in was a blip in time, I didn't have access to very much money and I got right back on track.  It is still frustrating and hard to understand why I would even think about it after everything.  My last day was March 16th and I haven't been playing close attention to how many days have gone by, sometimes I think that was a trigger.  I am away in Ireland for work right now, and they do have Casino's.  I haven't had any urges to find them, in my precious spare time away from work there is so much more to see and do.  I'm glad that you are both doing so well.


Good luck!

Ye, life is always gambling, like from our birth. However, there is a horrible gambling. That is to gamble for money. I am too busy, but my mind is in how to remove the gambling in this world all the time.