great new look site,thanks peoples

someones going to a lot of effort to help us be more in control of our destructive bad habbits,many thanks for all you people out there.i last went to a casino 5 or 6 months ago,and the other day wanted to go again,until i sat myself down and recalled were a few bets will lead me to,a big black hole..thankfully i did not go.and thankfully theres this website to help me.....

One bet away from disaster.

One bet is all it takes to bring us back in the hole. I'm glad that you were able to refrain from going. Slowly, we'll get where we want to long as we stay away from those bets...

Talk to you later.

9 mths..

Stacey.....still here...

Yeah...they really do a good job ... Today is the that's 9 mths...

the 30th signifies so much..

A) MORTGAGE DUE....ugh..hated that day..
B) Baby is another month old .. love that day
C) My sobriety my life...

I think what helps is

A) I miss my money - grrrrr - gone...but still not forgotten
B) I DONT MISS THE MISERY - stays w/me long enough to help
C) Gambling is illegal on line (BIG HELP THERE!!)
D) I FEEL BETTER...cant believe how time flies

How is everyone else?

Thanks C J

It appears CJ has gone to a lot of time posting everything for this group. Thank you very much for your effort.

I last went to a casino March 27, 2007. Today is 75 days and I am thinking about going to a GA Meeting tonight. It is not that I feel I need to go to the meeting, but that I want to go. I usually go on Friday nights, but wish to meet other members of my GA Family so I am choosing to go on other nights besides Friday.

Though I am living One Day At A Time, I am still looking forward to my 90 days (I love those key chains).

Thanks again CJ and I have passed the link for this site on to others in my GA Family.

Dale P

you're welcome, Dale. if it

you're welcome, Dale. if it helps one person i can sleep better at night.