What is poker?

A friend of mine made me aware of this newsgroup. All I can say is I weep for America and its future.

Countless posts about "I am going to turn pro" and worshiping of degenerate gamblers. Most poker players (not all) are out of shape, broke, and alone and desperate.

There is a reason it was/and is illegal in our country. Our great forefathers founded this country on the Puritan work ethic. You worked hard. You produced something. Now all you want to do is check, fold or raise. Wake up late. Smoke your pot. The only ones who played poker before were Texas Outlaws.

The money is going out of America to third world countries (for the online players).

The winnings of the few players are used for drugs and prostitutes.

i hear what your saying,here

i hear what your saying,here in australia ,the richest man ,a mr packer has sold his late dads t.v station and magazine bussiness to invest it all into casinos in australia and buliding big new casinos in maccou for the newly moneyed chinese.thats the face of the billionares now,getting there house edge from grinding all the punters with stars in there eyes,until there maxed out there credit,then boot em out onto the governments mersy.i,m from the old school and cringe at all the young bucks hunched over there poker tables,baccarat was my poison.dont the casinos get the gamblers young nowadays.so much for dinner suits its mufty wear now..all the best to you challis

My friend sent me this link

My friend sent me this link and I must debate you on this. Most poker players(not all) make lots of money, and are very happy because they are doing something that they love for a living. Why is someone who wants to become a pro poker player any different than someone who wants to become a pro football or basketball or baseball player?? Anybody in the world can make a living playing poker, if they put in the hard work, which is different from most sports. Poker to me is not gambling, you must work hard at it to become good, and if you do that, you can make a living doing it. Its not like blackjack, roulette, craps, or any other game where the casinos have an edge. Casinos dont have an edge at poker. Poker is a game of skill, not of luck. And its not just most poker players who are out of shape, its most of the country, so I dont get what your trying to say there. There are no more poker players who are out of shape than, lets say, office workers, or people who work on a computer to make a living. The winnings of poker players are used for drugs and prostitutes? Of course a few probably do spend there money on that, but the majority do not. Just the same as pro football, basketball, or baseball players.

Poker bullshit

"In order to really understand the competitive beauty of poker, you need to accept the fact that a good liar can make a great poker player. Acting like you've got something - or pretending like you don't...So what is a bluff? Bluffing is representing what you don't have, hoping to win a pot you have no business winning..." Josh Arieh, professional poker player.


Poker is a game of thought, deception, and strategy, so even before I sit down for a tournament, I like to be prepared for anything. There are times when the cards aren't going to agree with you ... David Williams, professional poker playe.


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Here is an example of how

Here is an example of how the gambling house will always win all the money from all of the players. Five players sit-in on an online poker game each with a $20 bankroll for a total at the website table of $100. Let's say the average pot is $10 and the rake is 5% or 50 cents per hand. Let's say 200 hands are played which does not take that long. After 200 hands, that 50 cents rake per hand totals $100 which is the entire amount that all of the players started with at the website table. Of course not all of the players go broke at the exact same time and fresh money can come into the game. But sooner or later each gambler will eventually lose their $20 bankroll every time without exception.