First day no gambling

I wrote in a couple days ago.I feel ready to put this addiction to rest. This is my first full day without hitting the online slots. I am in such incredible debt due to losses, i finally feel defeated and finally realize that i cannot win. I am ready to face the loss and work double time to earn back the money the slow way and just finally deal with it. I decided to write here when i fell like it simply to have witnesses to this process. feeling strong. I can not thank you all enough for the sharing, it is helping me so much. One day at a time, each day CHOOSING to Live over gambling.


Nicely done Uma. It is really quite an occassion to decide to embrace life and a healthy and happy future, isn't it? Today is day 3 for me - really a challenging day, one of the hardest things I've ever resisted. Now it is late night, I didn't play, and I feel like I'm up $800! Be strong, choose happiness.


Art, thank you for your kindness and support


All you have to focus on is not making a bet today Uma. May your journey be a pleasant one and the urges be few and leave quickly.


thank you so much. What freedom to not be hiding about this problem. Your support is deeply appreciated.


I have been gambling a week lost £400 (loads to a student nurse) and i am also giving up today. 14 hours and counting. It sounds like the worst is behind you and you have a bright future.