Some thoughts about gambling problem

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Hi everyone, hope all are having a great, gambling free day

I have had a small thought take shape in my small brain LOL.
The process of recovering and abstaining from gambling in the beginning can seem such a huge undertaking, especially at first. There are so many things to deal with and think about.
How am I going to stay away from gambling?
How can I do this for the rest of my life?
How can I forgive myself for all the things I did in pursuit of gambling?
What made me gamble?
Why couldn't I just stop?

If I dont fix the things that led me here... how can I be sure to remain gamble-free?
And how can I be sure to not replace this addiction with another?

Many many least for me, arose when I began this journey. It was overwhelming.

In my case... I decided to keep it simple in the beginning. I made it my number one priority to NOT GAMBLE, no matter what that took. There are questions, like the ones above, that I will need to answer in the future. But right now, the most important thing is simply abstaining from gambling. This has worked for me, so far. I find that with each passing day free from gambling, my mind clears and Im able to quietly sit and identify things that I couldnt possibly see when I was still 'under the influence' so to speak. It takes a little of the pressure off of me..... I dont expect to suddenly become healthy overnight, obviously what led me to gambling took years to manifest.

I am slowly gaining understanding from this more clear perspective. Its slow. Sometimes its painful. Sometimes its like *a light going on* in my brain. It is progressing at the speed and intensity that I can handle. But it would not progress at all until I regained my sane thoughts. And the only way for me to do this was to abstain from gambling for a longer period of time than I ever thought possible at the time.

I guess what Im saying is that ...with some clean time in... the other things will make some sense, and they can be worked on in a manner suitable to that person. To begin with, instead of asking and wanting answers RIGHT NOW, its important to just do everything possible to not gamble. Patience.

It Does Get Better
Take care, all

Wednesday March 09, 2005
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Good approach. "To begin with, instead of asking and wanting answers RIGHT NOW, its important to just do everything possible to not gamble."

As in everything in Life, we need 'targets'. Very rarely if ever, do we fall upon exactly what we want by pure happy accident. We decide on the target and make plans. The clearer the target is, the more likely we are to hit it... the more likely we are to succeed.

It is good to ask ourselves questions and anwer them honestly.
Start with: "Why do I gamble?" Whatever the answer is, for example, "I forget my problems." or "I want a lot of money." Then look at the ROOT CAUSE. If it is to forget your problems, then look at the problems, analyse them and find solutions to those problems. Get rid of the 'root causes' and then there should be no reason to gamble and it will become much easier to beat



Hi Ravisher,
Thats what I meant...just worded it differently! My first target was to abstain from gambling so I could gain some sanity. Other goals and thinking/analyzing can now be pursued with a clear head. I posted this with thoughts of newcomers to abstinence. About how it can all seem so over-whelming at first, and to just keep it simple and not gamble, in the beginning.

Take care,


Keeping it simple and not gambling in the begining would be extremely difficult for most compulsive gamblers and impossible for some.

I was thinking more of setting long-term goals and looking for the root cause/s. Discovering the root cause/s and dealing with them, helping towards the long-term goal of 'Not gambling AND living a normal happy Life'.