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I have been on line for 2-3 days now looking for a chat room for gamblers who can chat with each other. They are out there but I never find anyone on them... I'm frustrated. I live in a very small community and afraid I will run into someone that I work with or that I know and don't particularly want to air my "dirty laundry" in front of. I have never used a blog before but will try so I can get some of this frustration out..

I have been a gambler for years. I have stopped numerous times for months on end and then I find myself gambeling again "like a normal" person. haha. no such thing. I went yesterday and gambled money that I didn't have. I get propaganda from the many casinos in our state 8-10 of them. not sure where they got my name but it lures me back to the "I can just go for 1-2 hours and spend only $100.. well. I will post this here.. I will read other postings and hopefully will stay free from gambling for longer than 3 months.

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The gambling forum, when
Submitted by prokopton on Mon, 2008-01-07 10:57.

The gambling forum, when this site was gamblinghelper.com, was extremely busy. When I changed the site to encognitive.com, it dropped significantly in the search engine rankings-- no longer in the top ten.

I'll try to get the forum going again soon.

It is a good idea to write down your thought processes and study those of others in the same situation to understand the cause of your gambling problem.

Best wishes.

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Hi franny
Submitted by kiwidipa on Tue, 2008-01-08 22:25.

I just came by to wish you encouragement knowing what you are facing. I recently wrote an article on how I just lost $10,000 on the BCS Championship game which you can read if you like by clicking on my website in my profile.

Hope to hear from you even if you just need someone to talk to occasionally.



If I Write It You Will Come

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i call into encognitive
Submitted by challis on Mon, 2008-01-14 16:48.

i call into encognitive occasionally to see if theres a new post,would be good to see it busy like the previous site.i have not felt like gambling since i got myself banned from the casino.i have drawn a line under my losses and am moving on with it.it helps that theres only one casino within 500 miles from my home,unlike those in the u.s.a who have so many.what i do now is spend money on myself more,go out for dinner,or buy something special for my wife,wereas before i said to myself i cant do that as i need to win back my losses first.theres no simple answer to gambling ,thats why the casinos are so big and flashy.