i,ve asked the casino to ban me from entering.....enough is enough is enough

i got myself into this mind game of thinking if i go and gamble 200-300 bucks and loose then thats okay,becouse i,m only having a little flutter,and hay i can allways go to the casino and just have a drink or two,then soak up the atmosphire and go home..wrong buddy...i lost my 300 in minutes,then like a comotose zombie marched straight to the cash a.t.m and withdrew 500,thinking i,ll get even,there not taking my cash so easy..ummm did,nt anyone tell you you will loose that 500 too !!!so i went home and had this brain wave ...right thats the end for me,no more games,i went today and filled in the form to exclude myself from the casino.but how the mind trys to say ,no need to do that,you will not gamble again...hmmm thankfully i keep a diary and for the last 10 odd busts i said thats it finished gambling !!!so wrong of me...so please ,i,m hoping to be arrested if i try to enter casino...finished,i,m not working my butt of only to feed the casino bosses.this addictions bigger than me,and so needs drastic action...all the best challis

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very quite around here,i
Submitted by challis on Thu, 2007-11-01 19:41.

very quite around here,i feel fantastic,i made some money on the stockmarket,and what i used to do is then roll over to casino and loose it,not any more,i went and bought myself a dozen bottles of verve cliqot champagne instead,thinking all along that i used to loose 500 at casino,instead i,ll spend it on myself and the little lady !!!my wine cellar never looked so good.get yourself banned from whatever your vice is,works for me...all the best...challis

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Submitted by howudoin on Sun, 2007-11-18 21:50.

Hi there.

30 yr old female whom is a problem gambler -- its not so much the money thats lost -- altho we're in huge debt because of it -- but the lies and deception ...

How does one get themselves banned from a casino ?

I'm at the point now where its All or None .. leaning toward the none ...



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Submitted by c-j on Thu, 2007-11-22 04:07.

You go to the casino security desk or ask to see the manager and tell them you want to ban yourself from the casino. They'll take your picture and ask you to fill in a form. Go from there.

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sorry for the late reply
Submitted by challis on Sat, 2007-12-01 21:02.

sorry for the late reply houyadoin,actually i went to the host desk and he tryed to tell me if you want to be banned then simply dont come back!!but i read that you can be banned and fined if you come back and insisted that they make me sign a self exclusion letter stating that i agree to being fined $5000 and possible jail time if i re enter casino.that is very important to me,loosing 5000 is the kind of motovation i need never to set foot in there casino again.also i was glad to see that i was no.6020 person self excluded.i bet they really dont like doing this self exclusion as they have this amount of problem gamblers makes them look bad,and how many more that have not gotton to this desperate state as we speak ! i,m feeling real good,when i have felt like a flutter i remeber my exclusin and say to myself,right go shopping for something you like,as i know if i gambled i would be down thousands,so why not treat myself good instead.please encourage others to do exclusion,as its a record for the authorities of the hurt gambling is causing society.all the best from challis in australia/sydney

You being a great asset to

You being a great asset to the casino no one can dare to ban you!!