On and on

Since got the self-exclusion program, I haven't been there.
However it is drug.
When I am in difficult situation, especially related to money, the temptation is coming to my brain. How tenacious it is! So be careful!

Last week I was in Montana, it was a chance I could gamble again.
However I didn't want to destroy the vacation with my family.
So it was stressful, but I restrained myself.
Just amazing thing is there are so many casinos.
Even a small town has several casinos.
I guess maybe they just have several VLTs like Canadian bars.
If not, I really worry about the future of America.
And I pray the influence never permeate Canada.

We are not strong enough. We should collect our spirits against gambling and casinos. When can we legally stop casinos?

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good for you
Submitted by c-j on Tue, 2007-08-14 21:18.

i don't think we'll see the day when gambling becomes illegal. at least not in our lifetime. the gambling industry is expanding. we'll just have to avoid the first bet...

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i,m with you on that
Submitted by challis on Fri, 2007-10-26 23:36.

i,m with you on that idea,,,what purpose to society does casinos,and basically all forms of gambling make the world a better ,happyer place to live in !!!surelly gambling is a means of transfering your money into someones elses pocket a.s.ap.gambling is a cancer that is fostered on us,without asking if we want it in our town or not,and then your expected to gamble responsibly...hello...i,ve lost a thousand dollars,and you think i will just fade away and forget it,no,,,i want my money back,,,and so a addict is born,to enrich the gambling indusrty.get me onto another planet a.s.a.p