It's time to stop Casino 'BREEDING'

Since our gaming bill passed in 2004 I’ve been trying to sway those Pennsylvania legislators who brought the casino plague upon us to make our billion dollar gaming operators adapt to real safeguards that will protect today’s and future generations, who will now live a short distance from a casino from becoming casino gambling degenerates. Things like not cashing any checks and so patrons don’t gamble on credit in any manner take away the “ATMs.” No free booze, no 24/7 and beings our gaming hall operators will be tracking their patrons money and time spent gambling with COMP-CARDS, let’s make them send monthly statements. The COMP-CARD is their syringe; it’s how they deliver their drug. These cards track every move the patron makes in the casino. This determines whether you’re going to get the buffet or the penthouse suite. The comps or so-called freebies make some justify their losses as they become addicted.

Well it been almost three years and today there are four casinos up and running in my state with not one of these safeguards or provisions in place, in other words, no consumer protection. Today I’m still working with a few of our state legislators in hope of getting done what they failed to do in our reformed gaming bill, that is, to let the people see what they’re doing with their so-called disposable income.

I've sent video links with information on what I'm trying to accomplish. Today there are two Bills, one in our House of Representatives (HB 783) introduced by Rep. Clymer and one in our Senate (SB 423) introduced by Sen. Wonderling that will make the casinos send statements. Hopefully it will come to fruition, because with casinos being glamorized and legalized and opening in all our backyards, many of our Mom-Moms, Pop-Pops, spouses, sisters, brothers, sons, daughters, and grandchildren are headed for some serious problems.

Open these links to view Governor Rendell, Chairman Decker, Attorney General Tom Corbett, Senator Vincent Fumo, and the once Secretary of Revenue and now Chief of Staff for Gov. Rendell, Gregory Fajt, opinion on casinos mailing out monthly statements.

Governor Rendell





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it's happening in every state
Submitted by c-j (not verified) on Sun, 2007-06-03 13:40.

PA isn't the exception.

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Biggest gambling state could be Pennnsylvania
Submitted by paul c (not verified) on Tue, 2007-06-05 04:59.

Gambling addicts aren't in any hurry to sign up for a state program that helps keep them out of casinos.

Compulsive gamblers can register for a program that bans them from casinos and blocks mail promotions or players club perks. They might also have their winnings forfeited.

But state officials said only 52 people have signed up for the program so far.

The Pennsylvania program is similar to one in New Jersey, where officials say 580 people have signed up.

Experts said as much as 1 percent of the population, or 124,000 people in the state, are "pathological gamblers." About 3 percent are thought to be problem gamblers.

Pennsylvania could soon become one of the nation's largest gambling states, with five freestanding casinos slated to open by year's end.