Lies always hurt in the end!

I recently turned 31 and have not one but two addictions. I have been using alcohol since I have been 12 and gambling since 18 years old. I am married with two children(4&2). My problem with both of these addictions is that it has ruined my marriage and I may not be able to see my children again. I can go for months without either of the two evils, then all of a sudden I have the urge to do both. It is not the first time that my wife has threatened to leave, but I think it is the last. I don't blame her. A marriage is built on trust, and there is no trust towards me. My children may be young enough that they don't understand why their dad is not living at home. It tears my heart apart that I may not see the ones that I love the most anymore. I know that I shouldn't be getting the help I need for anyone but myself. Lots of times we tend to blame our own problems on other people in our lives. That is not the case. I beleive that if I am going to stop the gambling and drinking, I have to do it for myself first.

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You don't have to do it
Submitted by denisec on Thu, 2007-03-01 10:33.

You don't have to do it alone my friend there are many of us that have the same problems and we can help you through it. Don't be afraid to reach out; you have tried to do it on your own for too long. It is important to stop for yourself but if the love of your wife and children helps you see the light so you will start on the road to recovery then that is not a bad thing. There is everything to lose by staying in your addiction and nothing to lose by reaching out for help. Call the AA hotline and the GA hotline, go to a meeting. I wish you the very best on this new path ahead of you.

Denise C. - 3 years 11 months and 20 days without a bet

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I agree with everything
Submitted by Bach on Sun, 2007-03-04 11:14.

I agree with everything Denise said. She has the experience and with that comes wisdom. 4 years is amazing. Maybe we'll be lucky and she'll share with us everything she's learned after her 4th year's anniversary?